Kids in the Kitchen

KITK Cooking Classes to start at the Fairfield Community Center January 11th! $10/class per student; classes fill up fast, first come first served. Register online, or call 802-827-3130 today!

Sign up for any or all of our 7-week cooking series for kids in K-8th grade:

  • January 11th: Cold Weather Comfort Foods What do you yearn for when you come in from a cold afternoon of barn chores or sledding? Mac and cheese? Hot cocoa with piles of whipped cream? Chocolate chip cookies and milk? Pizza? 
  • January 18th: FRESH PASTA! Kids love the magic of turning simple ingredients into great lengths of homemade pasta noodles. And once they’ve tried fresh pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese, they’ll never be the same!
  • January 25th: ZA! Roll and stretch and chop and dice, grate and spread and mince and drizzle! What are we making? Homemade PIZZA!
  • February 1st: GRAIN POWER: from the bran to the germ to the endosperm, learn all about whole grains and why they’re important. We’ll dissect, grind, cook with and try out all sorts of grains from ancient quinoa to our own homegrown popcorn!
  • February 8th : SCRUMPTIOUS SNACKS! Create fun and delicious snacks from scratch to serve at your next sliding party or sleepover! Class will be taught by a couple of great guest (kid) cooks!
  • February 15th: BASICS FOR ALL KiDS TO KNOW: Join guest Chef Michele as she leads you through a few of her favorite recipes that are easy to make and good for you too.
  • February 22nd: APPETIZING APPETIZERS! Let’s make some great dips and crackers, fruit kabobs and mini quiches. We’ll serve up some special bite-sized portions to share with parents and sibs at pick-up time.

Classes will be hands on for all ages, with a focus on healthy whole foods, creative presentation and fun! Students can ride the school buses to the community center from Bakersfield and Fairfield schools. They will have a quick snack and outside time and then get down to the cooking.  

Please make sure you remember to send in a note to school if your child(ren) will be riding the bus.  Class time is from 3:30 and pickup is by 5:30 p.m.