The Meeting House on the Green

Adjacent to the Fairfield Community Center is the Meeting House!

Built around 1867, this lovely old church has been an architectural, social and spiritual anchor of our community for nearly a century and a half. Folks were married here, baptized their babies here, attended candlelit Christmas Eve services, and visited with friends and neighbors over many a roast beef dinner in the basement of this building.

But the years and times have made changes in the nature of this small New England village of less than a thousand residents. Gone are the blacksmith shop, the wheelwright, the milliner, the general store, most of the family farms, and the railroad that once connected the village to larger towns east and west. Gone too were sufficient numbers of parishioners for this old church to continue to operate.

In December 2012, the Meeting House was acquired by the Fairfield Community Center Association, a small non-profit organization providing essential services and enrichment programs to the region. We firmly believe that one way to preserve the character and integrity of a community is through the preservation of its old buildings. Thus, we find ourselves with The Meeting House on the Green, and the exciting challenge of preserving it for future generations, as well as “purposing” it for the here and now!

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